The Versions Offered

A complete ready to fly LIGHT SPORT AIRCRAFT.

A kit 49% complete, as required by the authorities. The finishing time "ready to fly" is 300-400 hours.

A fully certified version as required by the relevant authorities i.e. FAR23.

Any of the above versions will be available with either the Rotax 912S 100 hp, or the Rotax 914 115 hp (turbo-charged) motors.

The LSA Version

The LSA version of the Bateleur will be offered only with fixed under carriage and a ground adjustable propeller, to meet all of the requirements for the aircraft to be flown with a Sport Pilot License.

The Kit Version

The Bateleur as a kit will be marketed with retractable undercarriage. The kit will contain EVERY item that is needed to complete the aircraft: motor, propeller, engine and flight monitoring instruments and all components and materials required for completion. Only the finishing paint is to be supplied by the owner / builder. We do this to give you a correct and final price of the Project, however, it is possible to order and have the kit delivered in stages to spread the financial commitment over an acceptable time. Private Pilot Licence is minimum requirement. RMT will have a builder assist program in operation, that will provide professional advice for greatly reduced build time.

The Certified Version

The Certified Bateleur will have a Certificate of Airworthiness. This version may be used in any commercial application. Private Pilot Licence is minimum requirement. Strict maintenance regulations apply.

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